Sunday, July 6, 2014

Know About Staking When You Plant Any and All Trees

Whenever you plant a young tree, it is important that it gets all the support, nutrients and water it needs. In the event the tree is developing in the entirely wrong direction or it looks crooked, you need to make sure that it stays in the proper stance. If you don’t set it straight from the outset, you will have a crooked tree. In order to make certain that the tree grows vertically, the best option is to place two stakes in the ground on opposite sides of the tree and tie loops around the tree. To be able to make it possible for the trunk to expand further, the loops should be fairly loose.

One particular mistake that many people make is they only put one stake on one side of the tree. This may cause the tree not to grow very much. Additionally it is not a good idea to joggle your tree. Sudden motions are one of the causes for young trees to die so having stakes on both sides can prevent it. When there is excessive movement going on, the tree will not be able to stabilize the roots in the soil. You could also damage a tree should you stake it and it doesn’t need it. If in doubt, call a certified Leesburg arborist. Stakes can also be a threat to young children who play around on your property.

It is rather simple to do a proper staking, by using three stakes with each one tied to the trunk of the tree near its base. Maintain something beneath the ropes to prevent rope burns on your tree. Due to much less friction on your tree, your tree can grow better. You will need to keep a watch on the staked trees, due to the fact once they no longer need to be held up, the stakes should be removed. If you constrict the trees’ ability to grow, they will probably start to die. If there doesn’t seem to be any wind, then you need to take the stakes off temporarily.

You must have a solid understanding of the importance of proper staking if you want your tree to be strong and healthy. The tree will have negative results if you stake it when it just didn’t need it. The tree could possibly become seriously damaged or simply die. If you’re not sure of yourself, you’ll want to consult with a professional to find out what you should do. You will need to be all set to stake your trees when they need it.

The best thing to do is to determine what a specific tree needs before you plant it. Look to see if it is important that they be staked while they are tender. Additionally it is smart to know how windy your home can get when you plant the tree.

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